Saturday, 19 January 2013

Mikael Kennedy's Polaroids

I was browsing through some articles on Tribe Magazine's website ( just checking out work by emerging artists and I came across an interview with Mikael Kennedy, a photographer in New York. He has done a lot of projects using polaroids and reading his responses as to why he used such a dated photographic medium reflected many of my own thoughts. As you can see in my previous post I have delved briefly into the now expensive use of polaroid film, purely for aesthetic reasons.
Mikael's work is, to me, beautifully nostalgic and seems to portray an almost dreamlike world which he discusses further in the interview:

"But let me say this, in some ways I have no interest in reality, I am interested in a vision of a life, a dream I am having. That is how I see this work. The expired film that creates this feel is part of it, but it’s hard to say which came first, the film was what I had available and started using and it always felt right, so maybe I knew what I wanted from the beginning but am only now able to express it verbally." (

Seeing others work always gives me that little push I sometimes need to produce more of my own - I may even spend the rest of the evening hunting down cheap polaroid film!
Here's some photographs I sourced from Mikael's website that I think sums up the atmosphere of his polaroid work. And don't think he is just a one trick pony, he does commercial work too and also uses other film types - you should check out his Still, Not Dead series he did in 2003 - captivating black and white imagery!

Images: All rights reserved © Mikael Kennedy. Do not use without the artist's permission. 
Images sourced at (where you can see more of his amazing work!)

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