Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Nokia 300My latest project is looking at self documentation and intimate photography and its output and display on the internet and looking at how we share imagery with others. I've been looking at polaroids, instax, 35mm and various other photographic mediums. My latest experimentation has been with my Nokia Asha 300 which has a built in 5MP camera, so not as fancy as an iphone, but I'm working with what I have and I'm not just going to buy an iphone purely for the photographic capabilities. I am also not too great at touch screen typing and am trying to master it on my boyfriend's iphone although I usually just speak to that Siri thing to type it for me!
But anyways, here are the pictures I have taken so far - I seem to be taking them at night, not a conscious decision at first but I think I see more interesting lighting at night and I do most of my walking from place to place in the dark.

IMAGES: All rights reserved © 2013 Sarah Packer. Do not use without the artist's permission.

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