Friday, 27 July 2012

Corporate Photography Commission

So I havent blogged for a while as I have been working full time and also trying to enjoy the sun whilst it lasts!! Which according to weather reports; is until next week...typical of England.
But whilst working hard I have been incorporating my photography into work, as previously mentioned in last months posts my boss had commissioned me to take the photographs for the new website. Working with a brief from Crunch Creative, the agency being used to rebrand the company, and with what my boss wanted the company to be portrayed as I set to work researching corporate photographers and sketching ideas.
The brief outline was for candid shots of each individual account manager and also team shots showing the interaction of the staff in the workplace. The individual photographs were for the team profile on the website and were required to be landscape format in black and white. The team shots were to be used elsewhere around the site on side tabs and borders etc and were to be a mix of black and white and colour, allowing me some creative freedom.
I went about photographing the staff working using a photojournalism style of photography, being merely an observer to catch them with natural expressions.
After the first batch of photographs it was decided that shots of the staff in headsets (we are a telemarketing company called Broadley Speaking so calling people is what we do!) gave a much too stereotypical view of telemarketing agencies so my boss asked if I could try to catch them without them on, which definately set more of a challenge for me!
My deadline for this assignment was Friday 27th today! And I started two weeks ago so I managed to photograph everyone and burn the images onto a disc last night. This commission allowed me to explore a different style of photography; corporate, which is something I would never have considered doing before but thankfully I was familliar to the people and the environment I was photographing and this gave me a great advantage, in that everyone was comfortable in having me take their photo and trusted me to portray the best version of themselves. Which I believe I have acheived, my boss said he loved the photographs and has sent them to Crunch Creative so that they can include them in the designing of the website. I have learnt how to follow a clients specific brief and deadlines, and they want me to continue photographing office events and staff so that the website can constantly change and be updated with new images to keep it fresh. Once the website is up and running then I will post a link to it here so that you can see my photographs in their true setting.

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