Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Corporate Photography Commission Part 2

So I completed all those photos according to the brief I was given at work, my boss loved them, but the following week we received an email from Crunch Creative who asked for a few changes which can be seen below:

"Clean sharp images the lower the ISO the better (we can add affects afterwards)
Dont crop (please give us plenty of image around the subject)
As natural as possible (we appreciate that this is easier said than done)
Take plenty of shots (4-5 frames of each subject) don’t worry about shooting lots!
Think editorial, capturing the essence of ,a day in the life, not contrived"

To which I replied the following:
"Hi Peter,

David gave me your feedback of the photos/the brief you emailed. I have discussed this with him and have agreed to do some more photographs next week or as soon as possible, although there are a lot of staff on holiday at the moment so in terms of the individual shots I may have to do them gradually over the next few weeks.

The issue of the low ISO was due to the camera I was using and I too agreed that the grain was very high in the images; I am now going to be using a different camera with a broader ISO range and better control in the exposure. As the office has large windows on all sides it is difficult to not have blown out highlights behind the subjects and the exposure is all over the place, hence the high grain, but this can often be recovered in post production. David suggested the use of a step ladder to overcome the barriers in the office, such as the blue screens that divide the desks. There is also the problem with the distance between each staff members desk which creates difficulty photographing them interacting, but myself and David have thought to set up a few of these team shots and make them look as natural as possible, as it is just not feasible to capture them ‘non contrived’ in the office environment. I will also leave as much space around them as possible, as before I was cropping in camera - working from the images in the website samples I was shown.

You also mentioned adding effects afterwards and for your ease of use in doing this, I wondered if you wished me to send the images to you in their original RAW format or whether a high quality JPEG is better for you? I always shoot in RAW anyway and export in TIFF or JPEG so both options are available to you if you wish.

If there is anything else you need, you can contact me on the email below or via my direct line.


Sarah Packer
Account Manager

Broadley Speaking, The Cornmarket,84 West Street,Tavistock,PL19 8AQ, UK"

I have started shooting around the office today and it is going so much better now that I am using a different camera with broader iso settings and I also got hold of a zoom lens 70-300mm, so I don't have to be so close when doing the individual shots. I have taken about 200 photos since 10am so have been taking as many as possible with the new brief in mind. I am going to send them the images totally unedited so that they have more free range graphically and they can crop and position the photos to fit the website. Website should be up and running with the new brand on the 1st September so I have a lot of work to do in the meantime!!


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