Friday, 17 May 2013

Wendy Bevan

Wendy Bevan

Wendy Bevan is a fashion photographer, what separates her from the crowd is her equipment. She is manned only with a Polaroid camera and her work is reminiscent of circus/burlesque. She has shot for Russian Vogue, V Magazine, POP Magazine, I-D and more! Just goes to show that its not all about the equipment you use, it's about the resulting photograph and Bevan is pretty damn good at getting it right.

"I'm surprised that fluorescent Lycra has become a trend again. It was wrong the first time round - surely we realised then? The corset should always be treasured, and heels."
                              - Wendy Bevan

                                                                                              What I love about Bevan's photographs 
are the dreamlike qualities they contain. She shoots fashion and yet her images are so full of narrative and beauty that goes beyond just photographing a model in a dress, there is another dimension that makes the whole process unique. The fact that it is shot on a medium that allows only one reproduction of that image exactly how it is, is fantastic. In the world of fashion today where images of models are over photo-shopped, it is refreshing to have a photographer using a medium that cannot endure heavy amounts of editing. Bevan doesn't even use lighting set ups, she works with the natural light present. These are the sort of fashion images that should be in magazines, not an over produced, perfect image that lies flat with no emotion. But an image that creates nostalgia and provides beauty that is natural and real.

Check out more of her images below:


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