Sunday, 4 November 2012

WireWork - Small Studio

Had a commission from my sister, Kate Packer, to take some photographs for her entry into the Devon Guild of Craftsmen. She needed a catalogue of photographs with a range of detail and whole product shots. I booked the small studio at college and used a white background, 2 macro lenses and a Nikon D800E with two 150 arri lights and softboxs. I place each light to the side of the product so that the light didnt reflect off the glass and I changed my camera angle too.

In terms of post production I just needed to cool down the white balance and up the brightness and saturation. Here are the photos she picked for her entry:

There are a few things I would have changed such as the lenses, for the whole product shot I should have got a standard 50mm lens rather than using a macro. Also the shadows on the inside of the boxes were very hard to remove, maybe could have moved the light around more?
But Kate is happy with them so that's all that matters and she wants to use the rest of them for a book she is making. Overall, a successful shoot and quite proud of myself for overcoming the glass reflection issue!

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