Sunday, 18 November 2012

Buckland Abbey Xmas Craft Fair 2012

What has felt like an incredibly long weekend is finally over! Thats not to say I haven't had a great time because I have loved being at Buckland Abbey all weekend, especially on this rare occassion where we have had two days of great weather. But I am rather exhausted and am looking forward to a good night's sleep tonight, once I have finished editing!

Anyway I shall tell you a bit about my rather fun filled busy weekend; it started as a simple request from my mother - she asked if I would take a few photos of her stall (The Wet Felting Company) which I happily agreed to (the loving daughter that I am). So we get up at 7.45am and we get to Buckland Abbey for about 10am ready to roll!
Now as you know I am already a Contributing Photographer for the Abbey and so I thought maybe I would send them some of the pictures at the end of the day just to help them out - by the time it gets to 11am I have been roped into being the official photographer for the weekend and they also roped me into making a film too!! So I am there with a couple of different lenses, 2 cameras round my neck and a big job to do!
I was rather worried (and still am) that I will have all this editing of the film to do alongside a college deadline due in just over a week so Saturday night I was up until 1am editing all the photos from Day One and thankfully it's only taken me 3 hours to edit Day Two's images. I have been told the photos will be used on a load of the advertising/some calenders and wherever else they want to use it so it will be great exposure for my work.

Also some other good news is that a panoramic photograph I took a few months ago has been put permanently on all the signs at Buckland Abbey (see photo below):

Of course you will want to see a few pictures from the weekend so here are a few to keep you interested: 
Buckland Abbey and it's colourful winter vegetables

Kate Packer and her wire work 

Bere Pottery - oh and my photograph is on their business card :) woop woop

A beautiful sunset to finish Day One

All photographs belong to Sarah Packer, do not use without my permission (see copyright in blogspot footer)

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