Saturday, 2 February 2013

Laura Leal

I discovered Laura Leal's imagery on Flickr where most of the photographers I like are actually found - and maybe they're not famous or well known and maybe they never will be, but that doesn't lessen their images in fact I think it humbles them in a way and it makes me feel closer to the images knowing that I am one of the few in the world who has seen them.

Laura Leal's images are mostly captured on 120 film they are usually colour with a small amount of visible grain, which just adds a whole other layer of beauty to the images. I think I have added every photo of hers to my favourites on Flickr!!
My personal faves are her images of Irene (see below).

Because there is nothing cooler than lighting a cigarette on a gas oven...

For some reason I always love images where smoke has been frozen in time

Stunning black and white portrait - I want to be photographed by Leal, she makes people look amazing!!

I love tattoos so i think that was the major attraction to most of the images in the Irene series!

The cool blue tones are just stunning here and compliment the skin tone beautifully

I think film just has a certain aesthetic to it that appeals to me, the orange and blue tones have created a nostalgic atmosphere in Leal's images. Sometimes when I look at photographs that have been taken with colour film, it's like they're of another world or even another time, they feel outside of the present and yet they feel so incredibly real.

All images: All rights reserved © Laura Leal. Do not use without artist's permission.
You can see more of her work at

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