Saturday, 16 February 2013

Polaroids continued...

As you know (if you've been following my blog that is) I have been experimenting with the medium of Polaroid, documenting my life and most recently my emotions, which have been involuntarily coming across in my images, which I don't usually let happen.
I've moved onto colour polaroid, as previously I tried The Impossible Project's Silver Shade film which was brilliant to use, but I just wanted to see what their colour film was like. It takes about 30mins for the image to develop with colour, compared to the silver shade that took only 10mins and the exposure of the latter was easier to control and get right. The exposure on the colour is so hit and miss and so 3 of the shots in the pack of 8 were not even worthy to get scanned onto my computer, I haven't yet been able to put the chosen images on my website so you can have a preview of two of them here until I do.


I have been finding the lack of control with my camera very difficult when using this film, I'm still getting the hang of the Polaroid style - the soft focus etc and the cool blue tones with this pack are unusual as I am shooting under tungsten light, but with my next pack I'm going to do some landscapes of a place I like to go when I need some space, there are never any people around and it's just by a river and the trees look amazing in the winter. Hopefully shooting in daylight will provide better exposures.

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