Monday, 25 February 2013

Run Your Fingers Through Me

'Run Your Fingers Through Me' (Passa - m'hi els dits), the title of a beautiful book of poems I bought a while ago that I have only just got around to reading. And jeez does Anna Gual (a wonderful catalan poet who lives in Barcelona) know how to write! And Bianca Tschaikner's illustrations are so simple and yet combined with the poetry they create this deeper surreal meaning. I started reading it while sitting on the bank of a river in some woodlands near where I live, no one goes there you see. I can sit quietly listening to the water rushing by, wondering where it's heading...Sometimes I imagine it as this magic portal that if I jumped in it would take me away to some place that holds a little more wonder than this world seems to sometimes take away. 

By that river, reading these poems, seeing these pictures - dreaming and at peace for a few hours at least.


And whilst you've got me here being deep and meaningful, when I would rather be asleep, I'll show you some of the polaroids I took of my own space whilst I was reading this book of poems - a glimpse into my life I suppose. 

I dare you to find me.

A link to the illustrators website, her work is beautiful:

See the rest of my polaroids on my website: 


  1. LOVE that top Polaroid Sarah!

  2. Thanks Jenn, thought you might like it - i think we share a love of tree pictures! haha