Sunday, 17 February 2013

Pollage (Polaroid Collage)

Yes I am now making up my own words - Pollage is my word for a photo collage on a polaroid. Now you may wonder why I have decided to glue pictures over a somewhat expensive sheet of polaroid film, well it started when I experimented with my first pack of colour polaroid film, which I found was more difficult to do then I had first thought so my first 3 images came out very dark, so much so that the image was barely visible - they weren't worth keeping and just as I was about to throw them in the bin, I had the idea of doing little polaroid artist profiles in collage form.

So these three polaroids did have a purpose in life!!

I thought I would start with my favourite photographers (thinking this may develop into a little series if I carry on being shit at taking polaroids haha!).
The first one I did was Helmut Newton (Neustader) and it actually turned out pretty well I think, then I moved onto Nan Goldin and then Robert Mapplethorpe, only took me an hour or so to get them done - an afternoon well spent. I scanned them onto the computer and so the quality isn't as good as the real thing but I was eager to show them so here they are:

PolaroidCollage#Helmut Newton



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