Thursday, 26 April 2012

Robert Bergman continued...

I have quickly been researching further on Bergman and just read this interview he had with Dazed Digital (a magazine I have previously mentioned)
I admire his approach to his subjects - the distance and the raw frankness that he answers them with e.g. " Taken using a handheld 35mm camera, and always with available light, Bergman will usually spend a short time with each “collaborator”. “I’ve had very few refusals. But at least half of the time, the person says, ‘Why?’ And I say the simplest thing and the most honest thing: ‘I’m an artist and I like your face.’ They could be what the world calls ugly, but I have to like their face.”
I have to say I am exactly the same when I think about how I would approach someone who I would like to photograph and I am going to use this approach when I photograph portraits of bikers next week at the Bike Night in Plymouth. I have to use digital to fulfill the project aims but I may take some colour film out for my own collection.  

Just Beautiful...


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