Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Email to Michael Lichter...

So yesterday, I had a tutorial with Jane about my bike night images and there are a few things I still need to work on, one of them being my focusing as some of my portraits are just out of a tiny amount! It's so frustrating because to me, through the camera, they look focused so maybe it's my eyesight...something to check out!
Anyways, whilst chatting with Jane a woman (I don't actually know her name) came up and said that she did some work with bikers a few years ago and can get me in touch with a few people so I thought that was fantastic and gave her my contact details. She also suggested I email Michael Lichter who is a bike photographer who funnily enough I have already researched. She said to email him for advice/tips as she did on her project. So emailed him yesterday and I checked the college email this morning and would you know it he has replied and is up for me to email him questions, so quickly sent him some as he is a busy man, fingers crossed I get a reply! I didn't realise at the beginning of this project, when motivation was seriously lacking, that I would end up getting really involved with this community of people and I have been asked to do the rest of the Bike Nights as well and when it is sunny I am going to head to Cap'n Jaspers on the Barbican to photograph the bikers who convene there, so should start building up a portrait based portfolio. Who knew eh?!

You can check out Michael's work at his website:

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