Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Last week, there was an email about an amazing opportunity to go to Budapest to study for 3-4months and I just had to follow this up so met up with Monika and she told me a bit more about it and I was originally going to apply for the May 15th deadline but what with all the assignments etc I just don't think I would be able to create a good enough application to send to them. I was the first person to inform Monika that I was interested in getting involved and when we met up the emails were still down so she wasn't sure if there was anyone else interested, but thankfully a lot of friends from the course wish to go as well so we are all going to apply for the November deadline so it is something I can work on over the summer.
I have always wanted to go to Budapest and I have a great interest in the history of the place too, I have read books on the Ottoman empire and the folklore there is fascinating. I am really hoping I am good enough to get a place because it would be such an enriching experience!

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