Sunday, 13 May 2012

Five Year Plan...

Wow a FIVE year plan, I tend to plan about a week ahead in my life! To be honest I don't want to plan my life, I like surprises and if I plan what I want to do then I'll probably be disappointed if I don't fulfill the things I intended.
Life is meant to be unpredictable and therefore unplannable (is that even a word?) and I love it like that, I do things on the spur of the moment, but if you want to force a five year plan out of me then this is probably going to be it:

2012 = Continue to develop myself as a photographer. Apply for Erasmus. Visit more exhibitions like Paris Photo Month this November!
2013 = 3-4 Months in Budapest, if my application is successful. If not then I hope to travel to America in the summer to do some travel photography and portrait work.
2014 = Finish photography degree - enter the industry if possible.
2015 = Hopefully will be moving to America with a job in editorial/photojournalism photography. Maybe explore Europe for a year.
2016 = Still be in employment with travel as a priority and also carrying out my own mini projects. I'll be 25 by the time this happens and alot can happen in five years and alot can change....

So not the most detailed plan ever and as you can see I want to spend as much time away abroad as is possible but that is all I know :)

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