Thursday, 21 June 2012

New York Negative Scans!

The Saxophone Man
So I finally managed to get some free time between work and general stuff at home to scan some of my negatives from my New York trip back in April. And it's safe to say I am pretty pleased with the results, although would rather get into the real darkroom with them rather than the digital based darkroom but time has not allowed it at the moment and I wanted to enter them in some competitions over the summer. I really feel my travel documentary, that is my 'main thing' if thats what you wish to call it, has exploded here, but then New York City is a place of exciting cultural experiences and the high grain black and white film photographs I produced are in keeping with the feel of the Big Apple! As soon as I got home I got set up editing the photos, getting rid of the imperfections and sorting out the exposure, just so that I could post it here to show you all. :) Here are some of my favourites, the quality might not be great because I had to compress the images so that I could post them here, but next month they will be posted on Flickr in all their glory, so make sure you check them out!

I observed this man for about 20 minutes, photographing him drinking his afternoon coffee and reading his paper

The subway by the Natural History Museum: mosaic shark

One way for peace...

Apparently people would hang up shoes on electric wires to show that drugs were dealt in that area

The road outside the F.R.I.E.N.D.S building with a classic New York taxi

Observers of a game of basketball

Brooklyn Bridge

Padlocks on Brooklyn Bridge

Naked Cowboy

St Marks Place, one stop shop for weird and wonderful things

Badge Hat Guy

Grand Central Station

The subway


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