Monday, 4 June 2012

Pottery Shoot

So tomorrow I have a shoot in the afternoon with a local potter, Susie Clark whose work I am photographing for website and advertising purposes. I have decided to keep it simple with just a camera (Nikon D200) and a tripod, using natural light and the surroundings of her quaint country house which should put the photographs under the catagory of homely and nostalgic. This style mirrors her pottery which has birds decorating it combined with the earthly tones of the clay.
I have also been doing a little research into taking these types of photographs and purchased a book called 'The Crafters Guide to Taking Great Photos' by Heidi Adnum and it is actually fantastic, it tells you ways to photograph ceramics and pottery, fabrics, jewellery, books, art and various other crafts, with suggestions on backgrounds, composition, props, styling and detail. It has definately been the main contributor to my ideas for this shoot and with the combination of the potter's expectations and my ideas I will end up with some images that we shall both be happy with.
It is also helping with some woodwork and metalwork I am photographing for two 3rd year BA Applied Arts students on Wednesday morning in the Cove studio, the wood will require a softer light with the use of a diffuser and the metal work will look better with low key lighting to bring out the texture of the metal and with the atmosphere of the sculpture - its a dinosaur head on the body of what looks like an insect of some sort. The metalwork student also wants it to be photographed outside so that people can see his sculpture in context, so may have to plan this for another time, perhaps up on the moor to mirror the ruggedness of the Dartmoor landscape with the metal animal sculpture.
These are the same students whose work I photographed a few months ago and can be seen on my Flickr page, so its great to have repeat work which I think will be used in the Summer Show as they want it printed about A3 size. I will post the results of both these works later in the week.

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