Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Stressful times!

So organising for my work to be ready for the exhibition in London is much more stressful than I first thought it would be! I sent my photo to be printed 2 weeks ago to Focal Point Photographic in Exeter and they were absolutely fabulous. Only took a few days to do and I picked it up from Exeter on the following Monday. I decided on a 12"x18" print (the bigger the better right?!) on exhibition quality rag paper and it didnt cost as much as I thought it would, and the quality is really top notch! Definately using them again.

I then had the challenge of finding a framers and Tony Cobley recommended The Leading Edge Gallery in Ivybridge, so I popped by there yesterday with my print and spoke to Liz who was fantastic at giving advice to a newbie like me! We decided on a 3 inch white mount with a thin black frame to make it look more contemporary, I also had to sign it, date it and mark it as limited edition 1/25. Price was great here too and it will be ready to be picked up on Monday 17th, excited to see how it looks.
But the main thing that was stressing me out and making me pull my hair out was the delivery of my piece to the gallery, every courier I looked at online had bad reviews! It was a nightmare! But then I heard from my mum that my uncle has a courier business up in London and so I emailed him to ask if he could recommend or help me out at all. He replied saying to call his company, Scream Couriers, and say I was his niece and it would all be sorted for me. Called today and 20mins later it was all sorted, package due to be picked up next thursday and delivered safely to London. I guess it really is who you know in this business!

This has definately been an experience in the business side of photography, having to sign contracts and decide how many limited editions prints to do, booking the courier etc. I was crossing my fingers and toes the whole time!
Now all I have to worry about is packaging it well and making sure I get to the exhibiton on time...oh and what the hell to wear of course!

Got my invite in the post a few weeks ago too:

Signature Art Prize 2012 Finalist invite to the Opening Gala on 25th September 6-9pm

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